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Our team at Clarmain Dental Centre understands the importance of a healthy smile. This is why we offer fillings for cavities to help you maintain oral health.

Whatever your restorative needs are; a cavity, filling repair or a broken tooth, our team of professionals will be happy to provide the right service for you.

Dental Fillings, Burlington Dentist

Why might I need a filling?

You might need a filling if you have a cavity. We also recommend fillings to patients who have a cracked tooth that needs to be fixed. Fillings are also recommended for treating teeth with dental decay. 

What can happen if I don't fix my tooth?

If left untreated, the tooth may need root canal treatment to remove the inflamed nerve tissue. In the worst cases, a crack can go all the way through the tooth or into the root below the level of the jaw bone. These teeth usually cannot be saved. Small cracks are easily treated with an appropriately designed filling. 

How does the fillings procedure work?

Our dentists will first identify and remove the decay in your teeth. Next, they will apply a bonding solution to the area before adding the composite filling material. A high-intensity blue light is used to harden the filling in a few seconds. 

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Treat Yourself to a healthy smile.

Please contact us to discover your personal oral health solution.

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