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Maximize Your Benefits Before Retirement

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Clarmain Dental in Burlington is here to help you create a customized solution to maximize your dental benefits before retirement.

Dental care is a life-long process

Sound teeth and gums are an integral part of a healthy body. Care for your oral health as you do for your overall health through regular check-ups, daily maintenance, and by following your dentist's instructions. 

How to maintain your oral health:

  • Brush and floss daily
  • Drink fluoridated water or use fluoride rinses and toothpastes daily
  • Have routine checkups
  • Choose healthy snacks and well-balanced meals

What are natural oral health changes for older adults?

  • Lips may become dry and the corners of the mouth may crack
  • Gums might change colour from pink to red or white
  • Gums may recede, exposing the roots of your teeth
  • Taste can be less acute and you may want more seasoning
  • Teeth might be discoloured—smoking, and drinking tea and coffee over the years will stain them
  • Teeth could show signs of wear too, especially from grinding, which some do when asleep
  • Dry mouth is common in older adults
Using Dental Benefits Before Retirement

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