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Laser Therapy

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Clarmain Dental provides their patients with Laser Therapy to help progress healing time after oral surgery or for cold sores, blisters and canker sores.

Laser Therapy, Burlington Dentist

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy utilizes light that can be amplified to certain wavelengths and this light energy can be used in general dentistry for a number of applications.

Clarmain Dental is equipped with an Odyssey Laser. This laser creates an intense beam of light which is transmitted via a very fine fiberoptic tip.

The laser will precisely cut or reshape tissue in the mouth. With the use of the laser there is very little to no bleeding, surgery is considered comfortable and the laser promotes fast healing.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • May reduce the pain of canker sores and speed up healing 
  • Often stops cold sores or fever blisters from appearing. May prevent blisters from progressing
  • Helps speed healing time even if a blister is already present

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