Our General Dentistry Services

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  • Bridges, Crowns & Dentures

    At Clarmain Dental Centre, we offer dental bridges, crowns and dentures to fix your teeth back to your desired smile.
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  • Dental Appliances

    Clarmain Dental Centre offers a variety of dental appliances including: mouth guards, anti-snoring devices and bruxing (night) guards.
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  • Extractions

    Burlington's Clarmain Dental Centre offers tooth removals and extractions, including wisdom teeth removal.
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  • Fillings

    If you need a cavity, filling repair or a broken tooth, our friendly team in Burlington will be happy to provide the right service for you.
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  • Laser Therapy

    Laser Therapy is a treatment option that produces little to no bleeding, surgery is considered comfortable and the laser promotes fast healing.
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  • Root Canals

    A root canal is necessary if a tooth has developed an infection in its inner soft tissue.
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  • TMJ Therapy

    Burlington's Clarmain Dental Centre, will review your symptoms, habits and lifestyle choices, that will help us try to understand how the disorder is affecting you.
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